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What holds a windshield in place?

The windshield is bonded to your vehicle using urethane adhesive.


How does a windshield repair impact safety?

The windshield keeps occupants of a vehicle safe in several ways. Not only does it block debris from entering the vehicle, but it also ensures the air bag operates as intended. The integrity of a repair or replacement ensures the windshield does not fail during an impact.

Are there requirements for

proper installation of a windshield?

There are both manufacturer and government requirements for the safety of motor vehicles. Manufacturers must certify that every vehicle they produce passes a series of tests and meets their standards.


It is important that these same standards be upheld when a windshield is repaired or replaced to ensure continued safety and performance.

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Does a replacement windshield have the same integrity of an original?

Reputable auto glass installers use Dow Automotive adhesive when replacing a windshield, ensuring the bond is equal to the original installation.

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How long with the adhesive last?

These bonds are designed to withstand severe demands over the long-term without being damaged. Salt, rain, cold, heat, and humidity used for performance testing, verifying that these bonds will last for years.


Why is there a waiting period before the car can be driven?

The urethane must cure in order to have maximum durability. Waiting the prescribed time ensures windshield retention and safety.


What does the windshield do for your safety?

How do you know your original windshield installation was safe?

For the air bag to work as designed, it must deflect off the windshield. The adhesive must hold the windshield in place during impact. To keep the occupants of your vehicle safe, it's important to use a quality windshield adhesive that is approved by the vehicle manufacturer and proper installation procedures.

There are government and manufacturer requirements imposed for motor vehicle safety. Vehicle manufacturers must certify each make and model passes a series of tests, including Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard windshield retention crash (FMVSS 212). Occupant retention (FMVSS 208). Roof crush (FMVSS 216) and intrusion (FMVSS 219) tests, as well as to their own standards which may exceed government requirements. Both the adhesive and the installation process must pass these destructive tests. When your windshield is replaced, be sure it is bonded with high-quality adhesive approved for the original installation. Nearly all vehicles manufactured in the U.S. have had their windshields installed with Dow Automotive adhesives.

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